• T-Shirts!! - New "What would Dan do" T-shirts have been ordered. They cost 10 (non-profit for me) and are totally awesome. I suggest you buy one.
  • The Bourbon - The Bourbon has been established as the single most perfect Biscuit know to man, and the fact that they are physically impossible to eat in moderation is in the true spirit of Danism. All hail the Bourbon.
  • New Website - The new website practically finished. Just a couple of tweaks to do.


The Church of Danism was created by Daniel Holden in 2008 as a school of philosophy and politics. It is always changing, discussing and adapting it's beliefs toward the truth - many members contribute and open talk is encouraged. We have many members and are ever growing. Danism has no rules and no belief in the supernatural. It is more of a way of life than a religion.

What We Believe

Core Guidelines

  • Commitment to the joke is more important than everything. - Your dignity is nothing in comparison. If commitment to the jokes results in the ultimate price, your life, you are an hero.
  • Ask How not Why - There does not have to be a reason to do anything. Ask how you can do it better.
  • Mean Funny rule - If something is more funny than it is mean. It is allowed.
  • Moderation is wrong - You can never have too much, moderation is lame.

Other Guidelines

  • Donations to the cause of Danism are appreciated. Payment is taken in ANY form.
  • If you are hot, sex with Dan is reccommended and sex without Dan is not recommended. If you are not hot sex is not recommended.
  • Dan is lord.
  • Lateral thinking is highly unrecommended, please stick to either logical or illogical.

If you wish to learn more about Danism visit the about page or the forum. If you wish to contribute to the cause, go to the join page.

Everything is Copyright 2008 Daniel Holden and the Church of Danism